The Quaderni series


3 - Mario Di Salvo, Presentation
5 - Barbara Mazzali, Preface
7 - Luigi Mario Belloni, San Giacomo in Spurano. Historical and technical research
35 - Daniele Pescarmona, The portal painted of San Giacomo in Spurano
39 - Paola Villa, The restoration of San Giacomo painting
47 - Paola Villa, San Cristoforo of San Giacomo in Spurano
55 - Anna Lucchini, The restoration of San Giacomo paintings in Spurano

It was quite distressing to walk the road which borders the particular church of San Giacomo in Spurano; with its unusual vaulted bell tower which rises above the facade. It gave a sense of abandonment to see the relics of a painting from which one could perceive only the ancient nobility, even this almost illegible.
Who knew if it were possible to save it, stop the degradation which seemed by now inevitable. It was an act of faith, one of the last by Mariena Mondelli Montandon in her role as President of the Foundation, and she was able to have the satisfaction of seeing the final result.
Internally the competent authorities, with characteristic attention, had already ensured the restoration necessary.
This booklet shows the results, intending to offer at the same time a complete picture - until today lacking - of the antique monument.