The Quaderni series


3 - Mario Di Salvo, Presentation
7 - Daniele Pescarmona, Considerations on the second chapel. From Francesco to Agostino Silva
35 - Paola Villa, The interventions of preservation and restoration
65 - Micro-stratigraphic and mineralogical-petrographic survey (Centre of research on Painting)

Once the first chapel (of the Annunciation) of the Santuario della Madonna del Soccorso in Ossuccio had been restored, Mariena Mondelli Montandon acted for the restoration of the second chapel (of the Visitation).
“Someone – she wrote – should ensure that these small wonders are protected. It is true: our ancestors have done their part. Now it is our turn to make sure that these testimonies of Faith and the skill of past generations are able to reach future generations”.
That wish was granted and this Quaderno, dedicated to her, shows the end results: the chapel of the Visitation was restored and – as is by now a tradition of the Foundation – a publication expands on the topic. The book contains the analysis resulting from a complex research of the historical sources, together with the report that, from the evaluation of the starting point, attests and documents how the restoration work was carried out.

ISBN 978-88-7185-130-3