The Quaderni series


3 - Introduction
5 - Giacomo Maria Elias, Mario Colombo, Sergio Gaddi, Mauro Guerra, Roberto Nessi, Presentations
11 - Fernando Mazzocca, Giuseppe Franchi and the Aeneid
15 - The bas-reliefs
17 - Michela Gatti, Note on the bas-reliefs
43 - Serena Bertolucci, Tu Marcellus eris…
51 - Fabio Introzzi, Appendix - Villa Baragiola in Orsenigo
59 - Trasport and installation

In its effort to pursue cultural promotion, the “Fondation Carlo Leone et Mariena Montandon” has always granted special attention to that middle part of Lake Como, celebrated by poets and travellers, but too often forgotten by hasty tourists. Already five out of seven Quaderni had been dedicated to these places, examined extensively through the Romanesque of Ossuccio and Spurano, the Baroque of Sacro Monte, and even the Rationalism of the Comacina Island. Still unexplored, however, was the period between the 17th and 19th centuries, even though it had left many traces in this area, with the flourishing of that “culture of the villas” which is now recognized as one of the most glorious moments in the history of the Lario lake.
This gap can now be filled in part thanks to this Quaderno, the eighth in the series, which documents how the collections of Villa Carlotta – thanks to an inspired act of patronage – were enriched by the addition of a cycle of Neoclassical plaster works that came from a villa in the upper Brianza area within the Como province.
The “Fondation Carlo Leone et Mariena Montandon” is therefore particularly happy to host, amongst its publications, this contribution that aims at spreading awareness of the artistic and historical treasures of the territory. And the fact that the main theme of the figurative cycle is the story of Aeneas, the symbol of a strong bond between distant worlds, fecund bearer of civilization, appears to be auspicious for inspiring everyone’s best efforts.

ISBN 978-88-7185-195-2