After “I Salmi etiopici di Cristo e della Vergine” (“The Ethiopian Psalms of Christ and the Virgin”), a publication of fundamental importance in order to understand the spirituality of “Mary’s fief”, as the Ethiopians refer to their land, Osvaldo Raineri has translated and written a commentary to the most beautiful liturgical texts belonging to the Ethiopian tradition, of which he is one the leading Italian experts.

Evangelized in the first half of the 4th century, Ethiopia feels a profound and spiritual bond with Israel and has, over the course of time, established deep relations, although still largely unexplored, with the other Christian Churches. Equally unexplored are also the treasures and wonders of its liturgy, sacred art and ascetic and mystic literature. “This collection allows us to breathe in the scents of a precious, spiritual and noble poetry, whose intuitions lend new vigour to the theological concepts and whose rhythms pulsate like the exultant mystical experiences of an entire nation”.

ISBN 88-87164-64-9