Restoration works


3 - Stefano Della Torre, Stones and arches
15 - Fabio Cani, Story of a church and of a bell tower
67 - Maria Letizia Casati, Two paintings of Opera Pia Giovio in Ossuccio
79 - Paola Villa, The treatment of surface gaps of the bell tower

The Santa Maria Maddalena Church complex located in Ospedaletto di Ossuccio, famous for the picturesque image of its bell tower, which has become a tourist symbol of Lake Como, deserves to be paid more thorough attention to, as it presents a particularly good synthesis of the various elements that characterize the backbone of the Lake Como territory: the shore, the road, the ecclesiastical building, the secular and service rooms, the intertwining land and water access routes.
Thanks to the renovation of the bell tower, the complex of Santa Maria Maddalena in Ospedaletto di Ossuccio has taken a crucial step towards that visibility which stands at the heart of the project that aims at increasing the value of the Comacina Island.

ISBN 978-88-7185-143-3