The Foundation aims to financially support cultural and educational initiatives both in Switzerland and abroad. In particular the Foundation can award scholarships, finance educational projects both at an elementary and university level, fund existing or future study in the fields of philosophy, literature, science, art, and music, to name but a few.
The Foundation aims to follow, support and stimulate cultural projects of various types, preferring to focus on innovative programmes, without neglecting those of a more traditional nature (subsidisation of study of merit; donation of instruments for work; contribution to study; restoration of works of art, etc.).
The directors of the Carlo Leone et Mariena Montandon Foundation aim to continue with their work of incentive and support which has brought so much satisfaction since the early years of operation. The enthusiasm, intelligence and altruism which were a hallmark of the actions and thoughts of Carlo Leone and Mariena Montandon act as tools for the work of the Foundation following the death of its founder.