In 1952 Prof. Stanislaw Chojnacki founded the University College Museum in Addis Abeba (later to become Museum and Art Gallery of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies) that he directed until 1963. 
Between 1963 and 1975 he was co-director of the Journal of Ethiopian Studies. In 1966 he started the Committee for the Preservation of Old Ethiopian Paintings, which in 1967 became The Society of Friends of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies. Among the writings of Prof. Chojnacki there are numerous publications on Ethiopian art, as well as the essay “Major Themes 
in Ethiopian Paintings: Indigenous Developments, the Influence of Foreign Models and Their Adaptation” (Athiopistische Forschungen, 1983). In 1999, Prof. Chojnacki wrote the preface to the book of Mario Di Salvo “Chiese d’Etiopia. Il Monastero di Narga Sellase”. In 2000 he published “Ethiopian Icons – Catalogue of the collections of the Institute of Ethiopian studies, Addis Ababa University” and in 2006 “Ethiopian Crosses. A Cultural History 
and Chronology”.