The archive of the painter Mario Radice is located and available (also online) at the headquarters of the Civic Museums of Como thanks to the intervention of the “Associazione Amici dei Musei” in Como funded by the "Fondation Carlo Leone et Mariena Montandon" who took care of the inventory.
Mario Radice (1898-1987) was one of the greatest exponents of the geometric abstraction in the circle so-called "Gruppo Como" collaborating, among other things, with the rationalist architects for the decoration of the Casa del Fascio in Como by Giuseppe Terragni (1936) and for the realization with Cesare Cattaneo of the fountain in Piazza Camerlata in Como (1935), as well as the design of a series of churches with the same Cattaneo (1941).
Since 1955 he joined the Study Centre of the Triennale in Milan, and in 1958 he was granted a personal room in the XXIX Biennale, Venice.
In the 60s and 70s he held numerous exhibitions at the most important art galleries in Italy, created bas-reliefs, frescoes and stained glass windows for several churches, participated in many exhibitions of Italian art abroad and held various interventions and lectures at conferences, cultural clubs and academies.
The archive is full of the artist's personal documentation, correspondence entertained useful to qualify the cultural field, exhibitions in which he participated, as well as studies of works, articles in newspapers and magazines and other publications on cultural and literary.