The archive files that document the professional life and research activity of Luigi Mario Belloni and Mariuccia Zecchinelli consist mainly of documents, notes and drafts, drawings, publications and excerpts relating to research, restoration works and interventions undertaken to increase the value of the archaeological, historical and environmental heritage almost exclusively belonging to the Lake Como area.
There is also a substantial quantity of graduation theses, university researches promoted or monitored by Belloni, as well as photographic material that documents the activity and the professional life of both husband and wife.
These papers have been reorganized and catalogued according to the wish of the “Associazione Amici dei Musei”, Luoghi d’Arte e Storia comaschi and the “Fondation Carlo Leone et Mariena Montandon” who, together with the couple’s family, felt it was important to give access, thanks to researchers and scholars, to this important documentary heritage and also provided additional computing tools.